130th Earther Marine Regiment Operations Log  
3197.178 to 3197.263 OP CRANBERRY First contact of earther forces in Quadrant 7 with Exterminator forces. Encompasess the attack on 116AL, and the subsequent battles there.
3197.264 to 3197.281 OP BLUEBERRY Operation that results int he capture of the first Exterminator VIKING unit.
3197.343 to 3197.367 OP METEOR STORM Operations against space pirates in the Marque system.  Results in the capture of a notorious pirate.
3197.385 to 3197.386 OP LOGANBERRY Regiment closes down an Illegal AI combat robot factory.
3197.390 to 3198.032 OP REDBERRY Anti-pirate operations using Q-Ships in the Marque system
3198.040 EX BONNY A VR Training Exercise
3198.080 to 3198.100 OP WILD GOOSEBERRY Joint operation with Sirian navy to recover lost personnel.
3198.127 to 3198.229 OP BLACKBERRY 2 Groups of the regiment protect highly classified archeological find.
3198.185 to 3198.205 OP HUCKLEBERRY The remainder of the regiment encounter an previously unknown life firm during supporting operations at Serenity Station.
3198.240 EX MINUTEMAN A defensive exercise set on the Agamemnon.
3198.285 EX PENELOPE Security excercise set on an orbital station.
3198.291 to 3198.293 HIGH STATION INCIDENT Some junior officers on leave on Centissimo run into trouble and clean out a nest of Exterminator Cultists.
3198.353 to 3199.034 OP TINKERBELL Naval operation to conduct a punative expedition against the Draconian colony.
3199.029 to 3199.034 OP RASPBERRY and OP RASPBERRY II Linked to OP TINKERBELL - Subsidiary marine operations against the Draconians. Regiment captures the Draconian self-styled Emperor and helps to  rescue the captured crew fo the ESS Delhi.
3199.156 to 3199.220 OP CRUMHORN An operation in support of the civil authority on Deenar and the  Imperial Institute of Archeology
3199.262+ OP STRAWBERRY 130th are the 'clean up crew'
???????????? UNIVERSE B Where oh where are the 130th Regiment? Fallen through a dimensional rift into Universe B is where.
3200-3201 The Prisoner 130th Regiment returned from Universe B to a prolonged 'debriefing' in a comfortable seaside village. As far as the rest of the Universe is concerned, they cease to exist.
3201.328 - 3201-355 OP FUMIGATE Brought out of 'retirement' the Regiment forms a new cadre and is in the forefront of a massive battle against Genesplice 9s in the sewers of the Capital City of Penii Q7.



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