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  130th Regiment  
Chronology / Timeline
3197.178 116AL Station reports hostiles
3197.190 Lt Colonel Killgore takes command of 130th Regt.
3197.191 Colonial HQ receives report of situation at 116AL.

Task Force 7A dispatched from Colonial HQ

3197.199 Task force 7A enters hyperspace
3197.200 Battle of Paquito (Quadrant 6)
3197.225 Task Force 7A exits hyperspace at 116AL
3197.226 130th regiment boards 116AL HSTS
3197.227 130th Attacked by unidentified hostiles on HSTS.  Attack repulsed.  149 hostile combat machines confirmed destroyed.  2 pacifiers from the Aggie destroyed in the fight. 1 marine killed and 5 wounded (including Major Howland oic).
3197.237 Task Force 7A engages hostile pacifiers near 116AL/3.  2 hostiles destroyed.
3197.237 Task Force 7A engages hostile 'super battleship', Bejing and Tiger destroyed, Agamemnon damaged. Fleet withdraws.
3197.237 Marines on HSTS relay fleet battle report to Colonial HQ
3197.240 Colonial HQ receives battle report of action on HSTS
3197.250 Colonial HQ receives battle report from TF-7A

TF-7A receives news of the Battle of Paquito 

3197.251 Task Force 7A RVs with 116AL HSTS and evacuates civil crew and marines
3197.251 Task Force 7A enters hyperspace
3197.252 Task Force 7A exits hyperspace 1 pc from 116AL
3197.263 New orders from Colonial HQ received by TF-7A
3197.263 Main Task Group 7 arrives with TF-7A, commanded by Admiral Burwasher.
3197.272 Task Group 7 arrives off 116AL system
3197.281 Task Group 7 engages in 2nd Battle of 116AL with small hostile warship.  Hostile warship captured.
3197.282 to 3197.292 Task Group 7 gives aid to few survivors of hostile bombardment on 116AL
3197.302 Task Group 7 leaves 116AL system bound for DYME.
3197.313 ESS Agamemnon leaves 116AL system bound for MARQUE for repairs.
3197.332 TG7 engages damaged Berserker 0001 in Battle of Dyme.  Earth fleet takes losses but wins the battle.
3197.343 ESS Agamemnon arrives at Marque M25 limit.  Commencement of Operation METEOR STORM to recover captured Venerian starship (VSS Scarlet Stone) and its crew and diplomatic passengers.
3197.351 Agamemnon and MSG Groucho jump from Marque to ransom drop point.
3197.353 First engagement in Op METEOR STORM.  ESS Agamemnon's marines capture the pirate ship SS Schwarz Ebur.
3197.355 Based on information gained by interrogating prisonersand studying the Schwarz Ebur's log, ESS Agamemnon and MSG Groucho jump to Pirate Base star system.  Repaired Schwartz Ebur, under Commander Teach jumps to pick up marooned hostages.
3197.357 Schwarz Ebur  rescues those marooned crew of the VSS Scarlet Stone and then jumps to the Pirate Base system.
3197.362 ESS Agamemnon, MSG Groucho and SS Schwarz Ebur, RV 1 parsec from Pirate Base system.
3197.363 ESS Agamemnon, MSG Groucho, and Schwarz Ebur arrive at Pirate Base system M25 limit.
3197.367 Second engagement of OP METEOR STORM.  'A' Group and RHQ of 130th Marine Regiment (Lt Colonel Killgore commanding, in person), embarked on Schwartz Ebur launch a daring coup de main via the pirate base's emergency exit. Base captured and all hostages recovered alive.  Hurrah!
3197.385 The Govern'rs Ball, Landseer City, Marque III.  Cut short by emergency on BLADE Station causing Operation LOGANBERRY.
3197.386 Members of the Regiment not on leave (Mainly C Group) clear BLADE and recover some survivors.  Discover the illegal BUMA advanced AI Combat Robots have escaped and have boarded an undefended Aggie, in dock for repairs.

Battle to recover the Aggie, resulted in the death of Major Rutherford and the Captain, LtCol Killgore and Major Howland (again) being wounded in action.  Agamemnon secured. Additional damage to Agamemnon as a result of the battle, puts back expected departure date.

3197.390 Captain Dennis of Marque Naval HQ requests support of Agamemnon's crew and Marines on a counter-piracy operation, OP REDBERRY.
3197.398 Modifications to the anti-pirate Q-Ships completed.  Agamemnon prepared to conduct anti-pirate sweeps in the modified merchant vessels.
3198.001 Imperial New Year's Honours List released.  A number of the crew of the Agamemnon receive honours.
3198.018 Battle between SS QUAIL and pirate ship CRAZY JOE. After much nail biting violence, the surviving pirates are captured. The tactic of mounting a 'one shot pacifier' (OSP) on the Q-Ship proved decisive.
3198.032 Damaged ships ESS Kiev, ESS Mandela and ESS Lin Chun, veterans of the Battle of Dyme arrive at Marque Station for Repairs. Pirate activity in the region ceases.
3198.040 VR Trianing Exercise BONNY
3198.045 Repairs on the ESS Agamemnon completed.  The ship launches on 1g acceleration from Marque Station to rejoin Task Group 7 on operations against the Berserker Menace.
3198.052 Agamemnon reaches M25 limit of the Marque System and enters hyperspace bound for TG7's current location codenamed DARK STAR (which is classified JOLLY SECRET).
3198.077 Agamemnon reaches the First Allied Fleet at M25 of Gryme (646106) under Command of Sir George Tryon.
3198.080 Message received from Sirians concerning the SS Mallard Hosptial Ship, lost in the Ultra System.  Admiral Tryon tasks ESS Agamemnon with a joint mission under Sirian Admiral Kryczek to investigate - codenamed OPERATION WILD GOOSEBERRY.
3198.087 Aggie and SSS Veskey arrive at Ultra system.
3198.092 130th Regiment attacks the renegade Ultran Space Police base and liberate the hostages  they had taken from the Mallard. Kryczek deals with the criminals under Sirian law.  Mallard flies to Potomax.
3198.100 ESS Agamemnon, ESS Penobscot (LSSI) and SSS Vesky report back to Gryme and rejoin 1st Allied Fleet.
3198.127 ESS Agagmemon receives orders to go to Nikkeldipan in Jolly Secret mission, Operation BLACKBERRY.
3198.150 ESS Agamemnon arrives at Nikkeldipan Station and takes on board various experts.  Captain and senior officers are briefed on the substance of Operation Blackberry.
3198.151 Agamemnon leaves Nikkeldipan Station
3198.170 Agamemnon arrives at Tuskan M25 limit.
3198.178 Agamemnon arrives off Wood's Asteroid and OP BLACKBERRY commences.
3198.185 Agamemnon called away for urgent operations (OP HUCKLEBERRY) with 1st Allied Fleet - OP BLACKBERRY continues with two Groups of 130th Regiment under command of Major Howland.
3198.218 - 3198.221 Fighting in and around Woods Asteroid against Venerian Star Guard units and marines attempting to capture the asteroid. Clear victory for the 130th and its allies.
3198.205 ESS Agamemnon arrives with TG 75 for Operation HUCKLEBERRY
3198.229 ESS Agamemnon arrives at Woods Asteroid and collects the survivors of Op Blackberry.  
3198.231 After a short delay for debriefing the Aggie burns to rejoin the 1st Allied fleet at Gryme.
3198.240 Exercise Minuteman
3198.264 130th arrive at Dolha Station and disembark from ESS Agamemnon to their new posting.
3198.285 EXERCISE PENELOPE - on-station exercise for the newly arrived regiment.
3198.286 Block leave for 130th Regiment authorised by Provincial Governor (acting).  Groups go on leave planetside.
3198.291 High Station Incident, involving a number of junior officers and strange cultists.
3198.293 Captain Sainsbury is promoted to Major - Herbal Teas all round.
3198.316 End of Block leave.
3198.353 Embark in ESS Precision Creek - OPERATION TINKERBELL starts
3199.011 Arrive at Draconis system and join the task group.
3199.012 Operations commence in Draconis System
3199.029 Commencement of operations against Draconian forces. Planning for OP RASPBERRY
3199.031 OP RASPBERRY to capture the Draconian Emperor
3199.034 OP RASPBERYY II to recover prisoners
3199.050 Leave Draconis system bound for Dolha in the ESS Precision Creek
3199.096 Arrive Dolha M25
3199.104 Arrive Dolha Station
3199.131 leave and refitting period
3199.130 Call from Deenar recieved re OP CRUMHORN
3199.132 ESS Precision Creek with 130th Regiment despatched to Deenar
3199.156 ESS Precision Creek arrives at Deenar Station
3199.158 to 3199.178 130th Training for OP CRUMHORN
3199.179 OP CRUMHORM commences with insertion of 130th into regression colony on Deenar III
3199.220 OP CRUMHORN officially completed.
3199.221 to 3199.236 130th Regiment has 16 days in which to take R&R at Deenar.
3199.237 ESS Precision Creek sets off for Dolha with 130th Regiment aboard
3199.261 ESS Precision Creek arrives at Dolha Station
3199.265 Commencement of cleanup operations - OPERATION STRAWBERRY
3199.266 ESS Precision Creek and 130th Regiment vanish???????



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