Carrier CVI

A specialised military Starship, capable of carrying 8-16 'Pacifier' - a sort of high-powered space fighter.
One of the main types of Capital Ships.

Weapon systems
6 Heavy Cannon
4 Multi Cannon
2 Missile Launchers firing Heavy Missile
6 Chaff / Flares launchers
8 Pacifier (peacetime complement) or 16 in wartime
105 Starship Marines

Approx tonnage 60,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1 G

Navy Crew: 200 (not including Starship Marines


In cooperation with the heavy hitting Battleship, the carrier is a key capital ship for the space fleet. It delivers a powerful strike using its Pacifier squadron. However, in the event of fleet actions, the CVI needs protection and will avoid close combat, for which it is ill-equipped.
Generally carriers to not operate alone and are not suited to anti-pirate or colonial protection duties.

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