Battleship BBI

The largest class of military Starship - this has the maximum power and weaponry packed into its maximum-sized Hyperspace Field envelope. One of the main types of Capital Ships.

Weapon systems
8 Heavy Cannon
8 Multi Cannon
8 Missile Launchers firing Heavy Missile
6 Chaff / Flares launchers
2 One shot Pacifier
105 Starship Marines

Approx tonnage 80,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1 G

Navy Crew: 250 (not including Starship Marines)


The Battleship is the fleet heavy hitter. While it lacks the strike range of the carrier, it is very durable and requires a lot of concentrated firepower to defeat. Battleships showed their worth in the Exterminator War, being the only vessels able to stand up to the massive firepower of an Exterminator Super Battleship.
The battleship, whilst powerful is slow, and so it is not best suited to anti-pirate or colonial protection duties.

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