A single-pilot (or robot) controlled small, highly manoeverable space fighter. Armed with a variety of weapons options, including HELL, Seeker Missile, Heavy Missile Heavy Cannon and Multi Cannon.

The pacifier is most effective when operated from a specialised Carrier or an orbital station.

There are also one-shot pacifiers often used where short-term pacifier cover is needed, and they do not need to be 'turned around' and re-armed / refuelled quickly. These can either be lauhched from special attachments on the hull of Capital Ships, or from a specially-modified Cargo Pod mounted on a Multiple Pacifier Ship

Pacifiers are the mainstay of the carrier fleets, and essential defenders of orbital stations.

There has even been a Long Range Pacifier designed with its own hyperspace drive, but this became regarded as an expensive and rather pointless toy.

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