Derogatory term for an alien species that first appeared in Sector EJ in 3210. The term orginates from the somewhat insect-like appearance of this species - although physiologically they are not actually insects.

There is growing evidence that the Roaches might actually be the putative Hostile Exterminator Builders though their motivation for launching the Exterminators attack on humanity remains unknown.

As at 3212 there are ongoing military operations against this species, characterised by Roach attacks in Quadrants 5 and 6 (which were successfully defeated) and offensive operations by human forces against Roach bases in Sector EJ. A number of Roach colonies have been exterminated.

In 3213 there was a major attack by Roach forces on Disney World, which nearly resulted in the mass driving of this major Homeworld. The Roaches were eventually driven off.

In late 3214 the Roaches were brought to bay at an uninhabited deep gravity well system known as Zubat in Quadrant 0. As a result of what may have been a split within the Roach Fleet, around 80,000 roach combatants surrendered and they have asked to be able to live in peace on Zubat. The remaining Roach warships have not been encountered since, but estimates suggest this was less than half their surviving operational fleet, the rest having been scuttled at Zubat.

In early in 3215 around 3,000 of these survivors were exterminated in a surprise HELL bombardment attack by a force of Wolfer destroyers in the margins of the abortive KPGK-sponsored mass driving attack on the planet - which resulted in the First Battle of Zubat.

Initial studies and communications with the surviving Roaches on Zubat has indicated that they call themselves 'The Chosen'.

In 3221, a group of 8 Chosen were kidnapped in a Wolf359 Special Forces raid while on a diplomatic visit to the League of Non Aligned Worlds on Gorilla. As at 3223 they remain captives of the Wolfer Government at a secret location.