The name given to a force of hostile robot battleships, originally of unknown provenance, that has attacked quadrants 5, 6 and 7 starting in 3196 and ending around 3199. Mankind suffered horrendous losses in the face of these machines, but eventually defeated them and destroying their bases.
This period is known as The Exterminator War.
The final combat action of the war was at the Tuskan system in Q7.

The Exteminators were also dubbed 'Berserkers' at the start of the war by some elements of the tabloid press, though this term is largely inaccurate - since their tactics show no signs of being in any way like the viking berserker warrior of old. This term has fallen into disuse.

Intensive research by Venerian scientists since the end of the Exterminator War has postulated that the Exterminator machines originate from a culture now called the Hostile Exterminator Builders or HEBs.

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