Hallmark, Billary

32nd President of the GFA, 3196-3201.

Star Party politician, born 3064.

The Presidency

Hallmark had a remarkable career as a 'machine politician' which saw him reach the ultimate reward of Presidency; though like many professional campaigners he never seemed sure what to do with power once he'd achieved it.

Throughout his career Hallmark has been accused of being "in the pocket of Big Hyperlynium" and that has been one of the few constants in a century of ducking and diving. Frequently Billary would win by being the least unpopular choice. He spent much of his time reconciling competing interests on Asteel and has had every major political job going at one time or another, including several decades as Mayor of Asteel. His personal life has been unremarkable except for a predilection for sex-change operations, always for perceived political advantage; he is now on his eighth, and presumably final, change. He has never had much interest in foreign events and is well-known for total disregard for the views of non-voters, such as foreigners. This has made his diplomacy rather abrasive. However, his ability to be all things to all people has given the GFA a useful edge in many diplomatic crises and small wars over the years. He has never married and has no children.


During his two terms as President his health deteriorated markedly and despite large-scale cyborg implantation he became physically frail and easily confused.

To help counter the latter, his Chiefs of Staff have fitted him with live-feed sensory implants enabling him to be invisibly and continuously briefed by his team and lobbied by Major Funding Interests (such as, naturally,Hyperspace Technologies Corporation and Advanced Industrial Mechanics) without anyone else present being aware of what he is being told.

Presidential Team

During the frequent periods of Presidential ill-health, matters at the Hexagon were dealt with either by Vice-President Hughie LePetomane, or by Secretary of State Saloon F. Edsel. It fell to Edsel to try to deal with the mass panic and stock market crash caused by the Exterminator attack on Asteel itself, which has destroyed what remained of Hallmark's credibility, although it was, luckily, a military victory for the GFAN.


Hallmark was conclusively defeated in the 3200 election and replaced by Alphose Z Potato who became the 33rd President.

In retirement Hallmark has undergone a new lease of life (and a major refit), and have become a much respected campaigner for Transhumanists Rights in Quadrant 0.