Potato, Alphonse Z

Senator for Disney World, Q0, 3275-3191
GFA Governor of Quadrant 5, 3191-3201
President of the GFA, 3201-present.

Following a long and successful career in the movies, Potato Filmography Alphie Potato used his communications skills, shining wit and obvious charms to carve out a second career in politics.

Alphie was formerly the Governor of Quadrant Five where he was involved in several scandals, including the infamous Over Incident during which he was accused of involvement with a criminal gang who had created an illegal Artificially Intelligent computer; though Alphie was cleared of all charges.

Potato's choice of friends, and the colourful behaviour of his family and associates, continues to cause unease.

Since his election victory Potato has, surprisingly, avoided major controversy At least, so far he has. In domestic affairs he appointed a wide range of corporate talent to his cabinet, all of whom have seemed to perform well, despite the misgivings of some commentators; in particular about the choice in his first administration of Stan Morgan of the Independent Traders' Association as Secretary of Defence. The GFA economy is performing reasonably well.

In foreign affairs Potato has followed a policy of close alliance with the Earth Empire, which has caused some clashes within the Government with those more sceptical of Imperial intentions, such as Secretary of State Attar. The GFA Navy, under the centralised command of Admiral Stipes,played a major role in winning the Exterminator War.
Recently Potato has cooled his relations with Earth after some severe foreign policy disputes.

President Potato has stated his intention to lead an expansion of Esteeler colonisation into the Sectors, though what form this will take and how it will be financed remains unclear.
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President Potato holds the record as the longest serving President in Esteeler history.

The Potato Joke

(First delivered in Alphie's 17th Film "Infamy Infamy" an erotic farce).

An Asteeler goes into a store and asks the shopkeeper, "Excuse me sir, but do you sell Potato clocks?"

The shopkeeper looks at him and says, "Are you taking the Martian? We sell digital clocks, HUD clocks, old earth cuckoo clocks, forerunner clocks, alarm clocks... what the Ideal is a Potato clock?"

And the Asteeler says, "I don't know, but I start my new job at nine tomorrow, and the wife said 'You'd better get a Potato clock.'"