Centauri colony world Q8
Above Average economy in 3212

Local Government:

Ruled by the Planetary Science Council. This is a technocracy – only members of the Gunslinger Institute of Technology are permitted to vote (these amount to around 20% of the population). Some local representation is permitted, on a consultative basis – but the political system is run on rationalist-scientific principles first and foremost. The regime does not necessarily accept that 'rule by the ignorant' (i.e. universal sufferage) is in any way desirable, or an effective system of government.

Key personalities:

Jakala Hawkins. Chair of the Planetary Science Council (elected every three years by members of the Executive committee of the Council).
Mutawai Ali. Chief Member for Communications: In effect the colony's chief diplomat, and the person responsible for liaison with the Centauri Conglomerate, of which Gunslinger is a member.
Leonard Jefferson. Chair of the Security Council – this is the main planning and co-ordination body for planetary security. The Security Council liaises closely with the Conglomerate on planetary defence, and is heavily involved in letting local defence contracts. It also has responsibility for internal security, which is managed by an organisation known as the Science Police.
Dr Robert William. Chair of the Domestic Council – this body is responsible for all matters relating to internal economic development. Since membership of the CC this body has been able to claim significant success in economic development. Currently the colony is as wealthy as it has ever been.


Gunslinger has a Ground Force Division, two Starguard armed Class 5000 Merchant Ships. Gunslinger station has, in addition to station security, and two independent Pacifier squadrons and one independent regiment of Starship Marines. The contract for planetary defence is currently run by a conglomerate of defence contractors known as Defence Incorporated, who sub-contract various areas.
Currently these are:
Independent Starship Marines and Pacifiers – Safeguard Corporation
Starguard – Gunslinger Space Defence Inc.
Ground Force Division – Marsec Operations (Q8) Plc.

Planet Map

Main Cities

Prodigy (Planetary Capital)
Dutch Town
North Face

Two main religions:

Hindu and Atheist

Main original investor:

Rolls Royce Interstellar Ltd
Other major investors: Energen and AIM

Gunslinger Station

Operated by Rolls Royce (Gunslinger) Limited
Station Chief: Erna Medeiros
Head of station STC: Amselmo Fulton
Head of Station Security: Chang Goddard
Head of station Civil Affairs: Kimberley Cornett

System Schematic