Professor Gratermass

To many scientists Professor Gratermass is regarded as probably one of th finest minds of the current generation. Born on Old Mars (3142), his career has included a very wide range of academic disciplines - so much so that once someone asked him "What exactly are you professor of...?" to which he gave the characteristic answer "Practically everything my dear fellow...".

He became better known publically during the First Exterminator War (3196-3201) when he assisted the Imperial Earth Navy in Quadrant 7 in their investigations of the nature of the Exterminator threat. He was able to develop the Gratermass Protocol which enabled the fleet to date when an Exterminator had destroyed a world, thus allowing the fleet to accurately plot the path of the enemy and intercept them.
Gratermass is a famous individualist, and working with the military caused considerable tension, especially between himself and the famous war-hero Admiral Burwasher who commanded Earther forces in Q7 at that time. It is reported that the two fell out many times.

Later, Gratermass was involved in follow up investigations of the Woods Asteroid Entitiy (known as Majordomo)at Tuskan where he once again came into academic conflict with Professor Peabody, the lead scientist on that project.

Since 3202, Gratermass has been Honorary Chair of Peripatetic Studies at the Mald Research Foundation.