A fully functioning Forerunner artificial intelligence discovered on Woods Asteroid, Tuskan, Q7, by a team lead by Professor Catherine Peabody of the Imperial Archaeological Institute.
Conversations with Majordomo yielded many valuable clues as to the nature of Exterminators, Forerunners and Humanity, and provided verification of the Peabody Hypothesis: that the Exterminators were based on Forerunner technology.

Majordomo also provided a 'deactivation code' which it claimed would cause the Exterminators to stand down. There remains controversy as to whether this was the actual purpose of the 45-minute long compressed and encrypted databurst provided. Whist the Exterminator Super Battleships exposed to the code did indeed reduce their combat effectiveness, they also became capable of much greater accelerations.

Majordomo was destroyed by Earther nuclear detonation charges during the First Battle of Tuskan, when a large number of ESBs attempted to close with Woods Asteroid.