'Red Ken' Deadrock,

Lord Mayor of Red Rock, Q7

Lord Mayors have been traditional posts on Red Rock since before it joined the Venerian Republic.

The Venerian Planetary Governor of Red Rock, Boney Tlair was known to be unhappy with Red Ken Deadrock's famously individualistic style. Mayor Deadrock became much more widely known in 3197 when he was kidnapped by space pirates and rescued by marines from the Earther warship the ESS Agamemnon (events later used as the basis for a popular tri-V movie - Captain Braveheart and the Raiders of Rock).

Many think that Ken Deadrock's principled stance on stamping out piracy is what has put him in conflict with the planetary Governor - whom he accuses of being "…soft on piracy, soft on the causes of piracy".

There was some further scandal when it was alleged in 3205 that that there had been much (unsuccessful) political chicanery on behalf of he Governor's office to prevent Red Ken from standing at the last mayoral election.
Whilst there was some doubt as to whether this could be proved, it was enough for Governor Tlair to be 'promoted' to a senior diplomatic post back on New Venus.

Mayor Ken Deadrok retired from public life at the end of 3210 after 40 years in Red Rockian politics.