ESS Agamemnon

Imperial Earth Navy Heavy Cruiser.

Famous for, in 3197, being the first ship to capture an Exterminator 'Viking' unit in a daring marine boarding action by the 130th Marine Regiment.

The Agamemnon suffered a major systems failure during the crisis at Tuskan in 3199, causing its engines to burn out in a prolonged uncontrolled hi-g burn.

Following a complete refit, the Agamemnon was returned to operational service, fighting against the Roaches in the campaign in Sector EJ.

Much of its service has been in the Outer Quadrants, most notably in Quadrant 7, where under the famous Captain (now Admiral) Jack Rackham it was instrumental in a number of high profile operations - some of which were subsequently turned into highly apocraphal movies.

In 3198 it was involved in protecting a major archeological find in Quadrant 7.

In 3199 it was involved in recovering a captured Imperial destroyer from the rogue cyborg colonists on Draconis Q7.