Quadrant 6, Grid 623937

ADOBE is the Colonial Capital of the MAFC in Q6. Since 3197 it has suffered, along with the rest of the quadrant, from alien incursion and it has yet to reach its former level of social and material well-being.

First Battle of Adobe

In 3197 the Martian 'Panther' Fleet of Quarant 6, under Admiral Hojo engaged a single Exterminator Super Battleship near the inner planet of Adobe III. Utilising extreme aggressiveness, and large numbers of nuclear armed pacifiers, the fleet, whilst badly mauled, managed to destroy the enemy before it could ravage the inhabited colony.

Second Battle of Adobe

In 3210 the Adobe system was attacked by a strong force of "Roach" aliens. In battles both on land and in orbit, the MSN defeated the Roach forces.