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These rules are designed for a player to control several capital ships in a major fleet action. They were designed to allow players to refight the huge space battles of the Exterminator War.

For more detailed treatment of ship combat and weapons, use the >HELLFIRE< rules which are a simulation of individual ship command (with one or two players commanding a single ship).


Main Rules (zipped word) - version 2 May 2004 (modified for non-hex as well as hex-based play)
Random number tables (zipped excel) - you need to download these to play the game
Movement order sheet (zipped word) - you don't always need these, but they can be useful.

Capital ships (middle) engage an Exterminator super battleship (centre back), while carriers (foreground) start to launch and assemble their pacifier wave.

Battle Scenarios

Battle of Za'ha'dum Stardate 3200.110

Battle of Trucker Stardate 3197.212

First Battle of Red Spot Stardate 3200.160

Battle of Adobe Stardate 3197.295

Carriers (foreground) launch their pacifier waves against the Exterminator super battleship (top middle).




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