Supreme Councillor Zelazny

Martian Colonies, Quadrant 6

Councillor Zelazny is remarkably un-warlike for a Martian, being a politico-bureaucrat with a strong economic bias in his interests. He held the post of Supreme Councillor Q6 for 12 years and in that time has concentrated on the economic development of the Martian colonies, some would say at the expense of Diplomacy. Supreme Councillor Zelazny retired in 3210.

Unlike some politicians, Zelazny recognised that he had little to offer the military except good government and the efficient mobilisation of resources. He therefore deferred to the local naval commander, at one time Admiral Hojo, in all matters military.

The Councillor was born in Quadrant 6, the son of a diplomat, but his family were soon posted to NEW MARS, where Zelazny graduated top of his year in Economic and Cultural Science. Many corporations attempted to get him to join them but he resisted the temptation and worked his way up through the ranks of the Martian Union administration. What made Zelazny return to the Quadrant of his birth is not clear, perhaps some streak of idealism and a need to "make a difference", but when he did in 3175 he immediately took his first steps into politics when he stood as a candidate for the Moderate Economic faction. Since then he has proved a dynamic administrator, sometimes showing considerable deviation from the pragmatic economics of the past in Q6 and instead being prepared to invest for the long-term. The people backed him initially but the Exterminator War changed many views.

Supreme Councillor Zelazny was unable to respond to the terrible losses of the First Exterminator War and the subsequent economic depression. An inability to invest in the quadrant saw popular support for the Zelazny administration plummet and the Douglas incident was the final straw. Zelazny was replaced by Supreme Councillor Marsha Bartley following a quadrant-wide election.