Quadrant 8
Below Average Colony in 3214

Background & History

Colony World is known to the locals as New Tartarus

Until 3211 the colony was divided into a number of rival groups, one of which collapsed when its main funder SIMC was dismantled following an illegal AI chip scandal, involving the Martian Navy conducting operations on the planet to dismantle an illegal chip factory.
As a result of the power vacuum and economic collapse of the once powerful Uriel Colony - the other colonies quickly took the initialive and created a political union, which is known as the Colonial Union of New Tartarus.

The Union has a tough frontier ethic, and being somewhat distant from the more developed worlds in Quadrant 8, and its self-sufficiency and can-do attitude has, on occasions, led it into friction with neighbouring worlds.


The government is run by the Brotherhood of Independent Groups of Colonial Union of New Tartarus - known as BIG. This is a council of the movers and shakers from the original colonial groupings.
Key Members are :
BIG Chair, and de-facto President: Brandybuck Frumblesnatch
BIG Stellar Guard Chief : Admiral Timothy Commonwealth
BIG Trade Chief: Bumberstump Ampersand
BIG Economic Development Chief: Brewery Humperdinck
BIG Internal Security Chief : Barister Rivendell


The defensive forces of the Union, are known collectively as the New Tartarus Stellar Guard.
At the end of 3214 they consisted of
Guardship Temulentious (AMI) - Captain Petel
Guardship Dragon Empress (C5A) - Captain Hyl
Guardship Prejudice (C5A) - Captain Hanz

Guard Division One (Militia Division)
The military also instituted a special weapons research establishment known as Research Improving Technological Equipment of the Colonial Union of New Tartarus - known as RITE for short.

Economic History

Prior to 3206 Uninhabited
3206 Just Settled
3207 Subsistence Colony
3208 Very Poor
3209 Very Poor
3210 Poor Colony
3211 Below Average
3212 Poor Colony
3213 Poor Colony
3214 Below Average
3215 Below Average