Independent Colony in Quadrant 8

System map

Colonial Situation in 3212.

This is a relitively poor colony by Universe standards. That said, its economic growth since its founding five years ago in 3206 has been excellent and in regional terms it is thriving. And, thanks to immigration of mainly Christians from the neighbouring systems of Gunslinger, Iron Cage and Popper, its population is now a respectable 1.2 million or thereabouts.

Of course, not all immigrants are Christian, and a smattering of other regligious adherents have turned up, including a large minority of Satanists. This latter group has been accused of all manner of anti-social behaviour, and on the whole is not represented in government, the police, security forces or judiciary.

Religious demographics

(these figures are very approximate, as there hasn't been a formal census on this world as at 3211)

First Church of Earth 60%
Other Christians 5%
Church of Elvis 5%
Satanists 25%
Others, including atheists 5%

Planet Map

Inhabited Continent


The Colony is run by a ruling Council, within which there are four main political groupings

*Christian Socialist Party (CSP) – Until early 3211 the leader was the controversial First Minister Ian Floralpattern. Following the invasion by the FWA the new leader is

Democratic Rights Party (DRP) – Leader Ruby Royale

Free Thought Party (FTP) – Leader David Spart - currently First Minister of the Provisional Coalition Government as at early 3211

Independents (IND) – No leader, obviously.

Under the authoritarian Floralpttern regime opposition parties were outlawed for a time in 3210-3211. With the fall of the Florapattern regime, political parties are reforming - though the majority CSP is still highly influential.


Police operate specially equipped riot squads in Friendly City, Falls and Newtown.

The Colonial Militia are 80% part-timers, and are responsible for protecting key installations in the event of a pirate raid or major ciminality. They have about 2,000 members on their books and have been carying out this role since soon after the colony was founded. There are lightly equipped.

The HQ is in Friendly City, with contingents in every settlement.

During the time of the Floralpattern regime a secarian and repressive paramilitary force called the Crusader Corps was formed to, according to its charter "Protect God-Fearing People from Evil". Since the FWA invasion in early 3211 the Crusader Corps has disbanded, though a number of its senior members are now wanted for murder.

The FWA has recommended that the local government form a new Militia Division, however, this suggestion is proving controversial as it is being opposed by the Free Thought Party as 'imperialist high-handed intervention in local matters'.

Friendly City

The Referendum Issue and the War

In 3211 Floralpattern the government organised a referendum on whether Z155 should apply to join a major interstellar political grouping or alliance.
The options under consideration were, membership of the Centauri Conglomerate, become a colony of the Earth Empire, or join the Free Worlds Alliance (a local alliance based in the neighbouring Quadrant). Or join nobody and retain independence.
The Floralpattern Government pushed a NO vote, and campaigned vigourously for 'NO SURRENDER OF SOVERIENGTY' in the full expectation that their majority support in the colony would give them what they wanted.

In a surprise turnaround, the referendum voted as follows:

52% in favour of joining the FWA
3% in favour of joining the Earth Empire
7% in favour of joining thr Centauri Conglomerate
37% voted NO
1% wanted to go to Disney World.

This result might have been for all sorts of reasons – however, the ruling party set aside the result and claimed it was flawed due to irregularities. The 'Vote Yes Alliance', a coalition made up of all the other parties, and minly led and organised by the FTP objected strongly, and there were a number of public protests which were violently dispersed by riot police and the Crusader Corps and many arrests have been made, particularly of 'ringleaders' many of whom are also Council Representatives. There were some deaths.
The Floralpattern Government declared a State of Emergency, and further arrests were made.
Citizens of the Free Worlds Alliance were harassed by the police and some arrested as 'agents provocateurs'. The Council of Ministers of the FWA has made a strongly worded protest and relations between the Government and the FWA deteriorated rapidly - cluminating at the end of 3211 in a declaration of war by the FWA on Z155 and the arrival of a powerful Alliance task force in orbit above Z155. Inevitably the Floralpattern government fell with minimal resistance - leaving a coalition of opposition parties, and the rump of a disillusioned and disorganised CRP to form a provisional governemt, pending urgent democratic elections.