Independent colony in Q5 destroyed in the First Exterminator War. Location of a huge Exterminator base which was destroyed by Human forces in 3200.

Economic Development

Prior to 3201 Uninhabited
3201 Just Settled
3202 Uninhabited
3203 Uninhabited
3204 Just Settled
3205 Subsistence Colony
3206 Just Settled
3207 Uninhabited
3208 Uninhabited
3209 Just Settled
3210 Uninhabited
3211 Uninhabited
3212 Uninhabited
3213 Uninhabited
3214 Uninhabited
3215 Just Settled

Exterminator War Theme Park

The colonists of 3205 attempted to attract trade to the system by building a massive 'Exterminator War' theme park on the planet. This had mixed success, and was mothballed when the colony failed in 3210. It re-opened in 3215.