It is the sincere hope of both polities that this treaty marks the
beginning of a new era in the relationship between the Union and the
Commonwealth, one based on mutual respect and understanding. Both
parties are committed to coexisting in prosperity and peace and to
promoting the same throughout the Universe


The establishment by 3202.300 of a permanent Friendship and Cooperation
Council, with joint staffs in New London and Metropolis, to oversee
common initiatives, co-ordinate external investment strategies, and
ensure that the economic, military, cultural and legal aspects of this
treaty are implemented.

There is to be an annual Heads of Government summit to review the state
of the Treaty at a mutually agreeable location.

Both parties will make available for the use of the other, whatever
resources they can in the event of a humanitarian crisis occurring on
the other's worlds.


Effective from 3202.100, the Union extends Most Righteous System Status
to Wolf359 and Barba and the Commonwealth grants Class 1 Business
Partner status to the Quadrant 0 worlds of the Union, thus creating a
common market of nearly 14 billion people within 25 parsecs of one
another. The arrangements to be reviewed every 2 years with a view to
extending them to Commonwealth and Union worlds in other Quadrants.


1. An Officer Exchange Program is to be initiated between the RWN and the UXN along with annual joint exercises to complement and enhance the cooperation between the two navies which began under the auspices of the Treaty of Old London.
2. Both fleets will endeavor to provide upon request: logistical support, refueling and repair facilities, and humanitarian assistance, providing that this does not bring either into conflict with a third party.
3. Both sides agree to exchange interstellar survey data contributing to the safe navigation of starships.
4. Joint anti-piracy sweeps are to be implemented in Q4 & Q7 with the aim of working towards the establishment of joint standing anti-piracy force.


Both side agree to promote cultural exchanges between the worlds of the
Union and the Commonwealth with the aim of fostering a greater
understanding between our peoples. This is to include student and teacher
exchanges and joint sponsorship of sporting and artistic events,
touring of art and museum collections etc.


1. Extradition Treaty to be implemented by 3203.001 covering piracy and organized crime. This to be extended into other areas following a comprehensive review of the two legal systems.
2. The merging of copyright and patent laws by 3205.001.
3. Common accountancy practices and property rights by 3207.001
4. An intention to work towards a convergence in company law if deemed practicable by both parties.


Signed for the Union of Xyon

Dan Tassic,
Prime Minister,
Union of Xyon.

Signed for the Wolf359 Commonwealth

Lord Michael Young KCB DTE,
Marquess of New London,
Prime Minister,
Wolf 359 Commonwealth,on behalf of His Majesty King Stabilo II.