General Description

A man portable unit that acts as a corridor blocking unit. The 2 metre high end pieces deploy explosively to opposite sides of a corridor, and deploy between them monofilment razor wire.


The barrier provides no effective obstacle to SCA or APGW fire, but prevent all movement of larger bodies such as men or robots. Works on corridors 3” wide or less with near-parallel facing walls (+5 degrees).
The WirePod™ takes one turn to place against one wall, and is then command deployed the following turn, the barrier becoming fully effective at the end of the turn.
The WirePod™ unit can be man carried (no other actions are possible) with little diminution of mobility. It will also fit on a standard ammunition carrying robot, occupying a full pallet load.


The unit can be destroyed by close range SCA fire or a demo charge or APGW fire. They are assessed as having approximately the same vulnerability as a standard ship’s door.