Independent world in Quadrant Zero. Wing is a barely colonised world, with very little to recommend it - were it not for the major factories in orbit. The Hyperspace Technologies Corporation owns most of those parts of Wing that are colonised, and basically keeps the colony going. HTC gains considerable benefits from the independence that Wing provides, and is undoubtedly the main reason why Wing is a founder member of the League of Non Aligned Worlds.

Fighting broke out on Wing in 3206 when the Corporation Colony 17 attempted military conquest of the other planetary colonies starting with its neighbour, the New Baal. The attacked colonies gained support form outside interstellar powers, and following Operation Jerico, a military ground force response by joint Xyonist and Wolfer troops supported by the Centauri-sponsored First Humanity Division, the government of CC17 fell and was replaced by a more stable and less aggressive government of colonial unity.

Operation Jericho