The original Wimpey Fergusson Corporation is one of the foremost interstellar corporations in human space. It was founded in 2865, the original corporation was closely involved in the construction of spaceframes and engines for the growing space industry. Wimpey Fergusson engines were to be found on more than half of all early space-going and interstellar ships. They still have a dominant position in the engines industry.

Wimpey Fergusson (Wolf) was a subsidiary of the main coporation until the Wolf Secessionist War of 2922-23. The ceasefire agreement allowed the subsidiary to be hived off from the parent corporation and become one of the major industrial players in the emerging Wolf 359 Commonwealth. To this day, the Wolf Royal Family have a considerable financial stake in Wimpey Fergusson (Wolf).

Merchants of Death
The liberal press have made much of both the Earth and Wolf versions of Wimpey Fergusson being major arms dealers, in particular their allegedly 'immoral' practice of arming both sides in brushfire conflicts in the colonial outer quadrants.
The corporations simply say that if they didn't supply arms, others would, and that they are merely maximising shareholder value.