Colony in Quadrant 7
Colony World Deep Hole (3rd planet from the star)


There are four main colonial groupings on W3

  • Deep Colonial Corporation
  • Deep Democratic Association
  • In Too Deep Colony
  • Deep Hope Colony

Of these, the Deep Colonial Corporation and the Deep Democratic Association are the two largest and the other two very minor colonies in relitively remote positions. The smaller colonies keep to themselves and do not have much to do with the two larger colonies.

Recent History

Since 3217 - present the Deep Colonial Corporation and the Deep Democratic Association have been at war over a contested region rich in Red Mercury and Rare Earth deposits. The war has been indecisive as the contested Interstitial Mopuntains passes are very well suited to defence, and each side has been unable to overcome the other. Virtually the entire economy of each side had been focussed on the war.

In early 3222 the situation came to a head when nuclear weapons were used for the first time and a number of settlements completely destroyed - but the attacks proved indecisive and did not break the deadlock. This caused the governments of both sides to agree an armistice at the end of 3222 primarily to allow humanitarian efforts in the affected regions.

Colonial Organisation

Deep Colonial Corporation

CEO Sofya Valerianovna
Deputy CEO Yulian Victorovich
Head of Security General Vlada Aleksandrovna

Deep Democratic Association

Chair of Council Ingegerd Qvist
Minister for Diplomacy Tor Augustsson
Minister for Defence Lt General Adeline Hammarström

In Too Deep Colony

Coordinator Ghazaala el-Azzi
Head of Economic Development Zakariyya el-Nawaz
Head of Welfare and Morale Randa el-Hoque

Deep Hope Colony

Senior Elder Cormac Greumach
Pastoral Elder Ciorstaidh MacAilein
Safety Elder Rut Crannach