Utopia Station

One of the oldest geostationary stations orbiting Earth. The first Utopia Station became operational in 2801.

The current station of that name is actually the fifth to bear the name, the previous stations having now been been decommissioned.

The first Utopia Station was dismantled and transported to Luna to form a permanent museum exhibit that still attracts over 300,000 visitors a year.

Utopia 2 station is famous for being the site of the famous Utopia Congress of 2858, which created the current interstellar convention on year numbering known as the Universal Calendar.

Utopia Stations timeline

Utopia 1 Operational 2801 - decommissioned 2849
Utopia 2 Operational 2849 - destroyed during the Razor Blade War 2874
Utopia 3 Operational 2876 - decommissioned 3985
Utopia 4 Operational 2985 - decommissioned 3128 due to severe reactor leak
Utopia 5 Operational 3128