Universal Song Contest

A biannual interstellar competition to find the best song in the universe.

Each independent world or nation submits a song to be performed on live TriV and then casts votes for the other songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest has been broadcast every year since its inauguration in 3157 and is one of the longest-running TriV programmes in the universe.

It is also one of the most watched non-sporting events in the Universe with audience figures having been quoted in recent years as anything between 10 billion and 60 billion.

Recent winners have been:

3215New RepublicZwizih Zwizih Oo Oo Oo Oo http://www.theuniverse.org.uk/society/zwizih.mp3 outlink Syncopated PiFirst Transhuman winner
3213SiriusLove Circuit No.9Wendy SilverControversy over use of a robot performer
3211Earth EmpireTomorrow Belongs To EarthImperial Sentinels Massed BandAll the performers from Quadrant 6
3209MAFCHard Rock (on your head)'Herc'Controversial due to alleged references to Vulkan incident