Universal Calendar

In 2858 UC (Universal Calendar) 2198 CE (Common Era, or Gregorian Christian calendar) 1618 AH (After Hegira, ME or Muslim Era) a Congress was held at Utopia Station, Earth Orbit, among other matters to resolve practical problems, as well as religious and political difficulties, caused by the use of different calendar systems. Representatives of all ethnic, religious and political groups agreed to use a single date system in all communications and creation of historical records. The decision was made to adopt the commencement date of the Japanese 'national era' system; the date since the first Emperor, Jimmu or Jinmu.

Below are conversion tables adopted by the Utopia Congress; the list is not exhaustive.

  • To convert CE to UC ADD 660
  • To convert ME to UC ADD 1240
  • To convert Jewish Era to UC SUBTRACT 3101
  • To convert Hindu Saka to UC ADD 582

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