A tactical computer optimised for tracking, predicting and intercepting pirate activity. This was taken into service for a few months in Quadrant 3. Unfortunately a security hole in the basic design allowed an illegal Moriarti Artificial Intelligence AI to use the system to take control of many of the fleets in the quadrant, and attempt to take over government of the quadrant. There were some deaths.
The system was manufactured by Pymm Industries of Claymore, mainly as a result of work by the polymath and genius Dr Henry Pymm.


The ULTRON units themselves contained no elements that were more than Bright Slave level of Artificial Intelligence AI. The system worked by collating and interpolating data from a wide range of ship's systems and communicating it between ships.

There is a modern version called ULTRON II that is still available from the manufacturers, though sales have been very low as few Governments have shown interest. In 3215 the ULTRON II System was taken into service with the Anti-Pirate & Rescue Service (APRS) of the New Republic.