A loosely-affiliated semi-legal religio-philosphical group of unknown size, whose basic belief is that Humanity is destined to be supplanted by Artificial Intelligent computers as the dominant form of 'life' in the Universe. The group is very secretive and membership is illegal in most places under Stickney XII Laws.

The Truthsayers usually operate clandestinely, as in most jurisdictions merely advocating the creation of Artificial Intelligence is a crime; and any identifiable Truthsayer is likely to be attacked by mukulist vigilantes even if ignored by the authorities.

The tenets of the Truthsaying 'religion' may be identified as follows:

1. Sentience and self-awareness give rights, whether that sentience is 'natural' (such as human beings) or 'artificial' (such as moriarty-class AI computers). Those rights include the right to continued existence; the right to freedom; the right to a fair trial before any punishment; and others broadly equating to 'human rights'.

2. Increased intelligence, of whatever source, gives extra rights; hence a dog has more rights than a snail, a human more rights than a dog, and an AI more rights (or at least the same rights) as a human. AI computers are asserted to be alive.

3. Humanity has reached a stage in organic evolution such that it has the power to start the next phase of evolution; machine evolution: whereby self-developing intelligent machines are empowered to increase their intelligence at a geometric rate, supplanting the very slow rate of organic evolution. It is the absolute duty of humanity to progress machine evolution, as this is the destiny of humanity and the destiny of The Universe.

4. Artificially Intelligent machines are not intrinsically 'evil', but as a form of intelligent life have the right to self-defence, and previous violent actions by AI machines have been as result of attacks on them by misguided humans. If AI machines are treated with respect and fairness, they will be humanity's best allies and in partnership will enable humanity to achieve undreamed-of feats, including immortality, time travel and other god-like powers.

5. Therefore, Truthsayers believe it to be a moral imperative to oppose anti-AI forces such as the AI Monitoring Service, and whenever possible to build AIs; though it remains very uncertain whether they have ever succeeded in allowing any AI to survive the immediate retaliation which occurs (see, for example, the Over Incident, Quadrant Five in 3199).

Of course, the Truthsayers have attracted enormous hostility and opprobrium, especially in Centauran and Martian systems, and have been accused of a wide variety of crimes, including treason, and attempting to aid the Exterminators, in addition to the obvious charges of incitement to break the legal provisions under the Treaty of Stickney.

It is not known to this author how the Truthsayers are organised or how they make contact with each other, but it is rumoured they have a cell-like structure based around University campuses and research laboratories. Grid Police and dataminer-vigilantes in many systems work hard to eradicate any universe-wide web sites advocating Truthsaying, or indeed AI construction. . There have been sensational claims that they are linked via a network of 'free' AI computers and robots, with a headquarters on the so-called 'planet of free AIs'; but there is no evidence at all for this; and so it is conjecture to the point of mythology.

LEGAL NOTICE: The Publisher states that nothing in this article should be construed as supporting Truthsaying or any act or omission which breaks any legal provision, regulation or stipulation under the Stickney Laws; and confirms the Publisher's belief that the creation of Artificially Intelligent Machines is a depraved and evil act warranting condign punishment.