Quadrant 5, Grid 635875

In 3197, after the disaster of the Battle of French, the political authorities put aside their caution and swiftly agreed to a Combined Fleet, under Venerian Admiral Shumilov. Organising a rendevous, based on the most likely course of a known incoming Exterminator Super Battleship, she called for all surviving warships of the Alliance to rally at Trucker, where they would be joined by the powerful Venerian 5th Fleet. Earther, Esteeler, Martian and Xyonist forces were gathered, in time to note the arrival of an ESB intent on destroying the colony. Remaining on silent running, the combined fleet waited until the enemy was committed, and pounced - forcing the enemy super battleship to fight. After an epic battle, lasting nearly 20 minutes, the Exterminator was utterly destroyed.