Space Navy of the Greater Federation of Asteel

Trommel is a secretive and reticent man, especially about his origins and early career, though he is capable of great vigour and aggression when
roused. A career astronaut, he is unusual in having risen from the Lower Decks to his present position as GFAN Commander for Quadrant Six.
He retains a habit of occasional hands-on repairs of ship's systems which his
subordinates find rather unnerving at times; though he is agreed to be
extremely proficient. He is married - possibly to a Martian woman - and it
has been rumoured one of his daughters is a Pacifier pilot in the Martian
Space Navy.

He was born on one of Asteel's penal colony worlds in 3155, allegedly following an
illegal liaison between a prisoner and a guard. He was raised in a State
Orphanage and apprenticed aged fourteen to the Chief Cable Guy of an orbital
recycling collective at Grifter in Quadrant Four.

Aged about twenty Trommel joined the GFA Space Navy and worked for a few
years as a crewman in Power Systems on various warships.
He was commissioned in 3175 and soon afterwards was involved in 'The Gapann
Incident' when an Imperial Cruiser attacked an Esteeler base, supposedly
after the Earther Captain had gone insane; the truth will, perhaps, never be
known, but Trommel's vessel, a Destroyer ASS Schwarzkopf, was on the spot and
severely damaged. He was left senior survivor when only eight of the
forty-two crew and marines were left alive. It has been suggested his
well-known mistrust and antipathy towards Earthers dates from this traumatic

Trommel was promoted astonishingly rapidly thereafter and became a Captain in
3181, raising his Admiral's pennant in 3192. He is known to be a member of
the influential group in the GFAN lobbying for a Navy largely based on
Interstellar Carriers, de-emphasising Battleships.
He became Q6 Commander in 3196.
His hobbies are thought to include speed-chess and bonsai.