Treaty of Potomax (Q7)

This is a summary of the main points of the treaty that was agreed at the
international summit held at Potomax in 3198.231. The agreements in this
document only refer to Quadrant 7.

1. Formal Establishment of Joint Allied Command

(confirming ad hoc arrangements that had already existed for a year).

Its priorities are
(i) to maintain a fleet in being.
(ii) to defend human colonies.
(iii) to destroy Exterminator intruders.
(iv) to find and destroy Exterminator bases outside human space.

Admiral Burwasher is confirmed in command of JAC and is given full
autonomy to decide operational objectives, outside of political

2. Establishment of a UNified Intelligence Team (UNIT)

This team will consist of scientists from all nations in Q7, and will be
based at Potomax and chaired by a Sirian officer.
All powers agree to share captured Exterminator equipment and any
information gained with UNIT. Any commercial applications/patents arising
from any discovery transferred to UNIT would be the property of the finder.
UNIT would establish a Joint Intelligence Liaison, to be co-located with

3. Formalisation of the Existing Alliance

(Later superceded by the Treaty of Old London)

(i) Permanent mechanism for allowing civilian/political
feedback to JAC to be established.
A Joint Steering Committee will be established, with a Venerian
secretariat, and based at Potomax. Representatives with plenipotentiary
powers are to be sent by all powers.

(ii) Control of reserves, replacements etc
Each power will run its own economy in the manner it deems most effective
in meeting its needs under the current circumstances. The Joint Steering
Committee will liaise with powers to ensure that shortages or surpluses of
military equipment do not develop. Decision-making is to be devolved to
the lowest possible level.

(iii) Commitment to JAC
All capital ships are to be committed to JAC command, also all ALSIs and
LSSIs. Up to half of all escort vessels (DDI and CLI) can be retained by
powers for defence against piracy or other eventualities, but the remainder
are to be committed to JAC.

4. Out of area operations

Requests for assistance have been received from Q5 and Q6. It has been
decided that these are outside the remit of Quadrant governments and a
decision cannot be taken at this level, but has to be passed to Q0.

5. Release of Information

Usual wartime rules to apply.


The signatories are:

Rhett Elgon
(Greater Federation of Asteel Governor, Q7)

Sir Humphrey Fullbright
(Earth Empire Deputy Governor, Q7)

Supreme Councillor Raymond Bradbury
(Mars Association of Free Colonies Governor, Q7)

Gem Fexit
(Sirian Socialist Republic Governor, Q7)

Governor Mark Less
(Union of Xyon Governor, Q7)

Chief Executive Smith
(Centauri Conglomerate, Q7)

Yuri Andropov
(Republic of New Venus Representative)

Lord S. McCall
(Wolf 359 Commonwealth Governor, Q7)

Admiral Burwasher
(Earth Navy)