The Treaty of Old London II

( Asteel Revision v2.9 )

This treaty superceded the original Treaty of Old London of 3200.

Purpose of the Treaty:

"To provide the forces and command structure
necessary to defend Humanity from any agreed threat that Humanity as a
whole may face."
This treaty replaced the first version of the Treaty of Old London.

Treaty Provisions:

Force Limits.

All capital ships above an allowance agreed by the Summit are to be assigned to a Joint Allied Command (JAC) under the Supreme Human Commander (SHC) appointed by the Summit.

1.1. Polities are allowed to withhold from the JACs 50CF in each Outer Quadrant. There are no equivalent limits for Q0. In quadrants where there are no JACs then these limits are absolute.

1.2. The cf capital ship allowance that may be withheld from the JACs is to be reviewed at the first Summit of each year.

1JAC Force Levels.

Before the end of each year the SHC, in consultation with his staff,
is to provide for the Summit what he considers to be the minimum force
level requirement for each JAC in the forthcoming year.
These requirements are then to be ratified by the Summit.

2.1. For current operational JACs see Appendix C.
2.2. For currently agreed SHC proposed force values see appendix A.
2.3. Three commands subordinate to the JACs in Q5, Q6 and Q7 are to provide scouting in Sectors DF, EF, EG, EH, EI, DJ and EJ.
2.4 The SHC can request for additional forces as he sees fit.
2.5 SHC requested force levels will be agreed on a yearly basis at the first Summit of the new year. If the SHC supplies no values or no-agreement can be reached between all polities, then the previously agreed totals remain in force.

JAC Force Contributions.

Each polity shall contribute a share of the sum of the total requirement
in paragraph 2.2. For the currently applicable formula see Appendix B.

3.1. Shares denote a minimum level of contribution. Polities are free to contribute more.
3.2 In order to meet its share of the overall requirement, a polity may arrange for a part of its contribution to be provided by another polity.
3.3 Shares will be renegotiated at the first Summit of the new year if new force totals have been agreed. If new force totals have not been supplied by the SHC, or no agreement can be reached on force totals, then the previously agreed share allocation will remain in force.


JAC HQs are to be established in each Quadrant where they do not
currently exist in order to provide a permanent allied command
structure ready to be activated in the event of an emergency.

4.1. A JAC HQ may be activated by the Summit, by the SHC, or by the polities local to the Quadrant in which it is located.
4.2 Ships need only be contributed to a JAC that has been activated.
4.3 Upon activation, force level commitments to the JAC must be ratified by the Summit.
4.4 For current funding for JAC HQs see Appendix D.

Allied Commanders.

The SHC is to be appointed by the Summit and assisted by an Allied
Central Command Staff (ACCS) made up of a representative from each of
the polities. Polities will appoint their own representatives to ACCS.
JAC commanders are also to be appointed by the Summit.

5.1. The SHC is responsible for supervising all JACs.
5.2 A permanent Grand Strategic Council (GSC) with a representative from each polity is to oversee the JACs. The GSC is to meet on Sol. Executive power is to remain in the hands of the Summit.

Allied Ships.

All allied ships must be committed to a JAC and placed under the full
operational command of the relevant JAC commander.

6.1. An allied ship will not be unilaterally withdrawn from a JAC.
6.2 Polities also agree to not transfer committed forces between JAC fleets without the consultation and agreement of the respective JAC commanders.
6.3 Failure to comply with 6.1 and / or 6.2 will place the responsible polity in breach of the treaty.

Emergency Measures.

In the case of a new or unexpected threat to humanity, allied commanders,
including the SHC under advisement by the ACCS, may and indeed are
expected to order the movement of allied ships under their command to
counter said threats as they judge appropriate.

7.1. As far as possible, allied commanders will deploy integrated and balanced forces that avoid splitting up national contingents.
7.2 A Summit (including an emergency 'virtual' summit if necessary) may modify arrangements made in an emergency as and when required.
7.3 While the choice of JAC commanders remains the remit of the Summit, in extremis local authorities may appoint a pro-tem JAC commander. This commander will have all of the powers and responsibilities of a JAC commander until such time as a permanent commander arrives or his/her position is confirmed by a Summit.

Special Intelligence Agency.

The SIA is established as humanity's joint intelligence agency with a
centralised HQ located at Kumarajiva. The United National
Investigation Team (UNIT) based in Q7 is to be retained under the
auspices of the SIA. Funding for the SIA and UNIT is to be provided
by the Mald Democratic Foundation.

Observer Status

Mald have been granted observer status only and are not bound by the
above articles or following appendices in anyway.

Definitions :

Summit: The Summit is the meeting of the ToOL signatories held every 150 days.
Allied Ship: An allied ship is any ship allocated to an allied joint command.
Ship(s): All references to ship or ships in this treaty refer to interstellar capable star ships excluding Star Guard and non-combatant vessels unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Capital Ships: For the purpose of the ToOL, capital ships are BBI, CVI and CAI class vessels, including variants.


The following appendices contain information that may change and / or
need to be renegotiated separately from the treaty on a yearly basis
and therefore does not directly form part of the treaty.

Appendix A - (agreed 3203)

Polities will attempt to supply their JAC requirement in capital ships before supplying non-capital ships.
Combined JAC forces : 2400 CF.
Scouting forces : 56 scouting ships.

Appendix B - (agreed 3203)

Solar Republic 2.5
Greater Federation of Asteel 2
Martian Association of Free Colonies 2
Republic of New Venus 2
Mald Democratic Foundation 1
Union of Xyon 1
Wolf 359 Commonwealth 1
Centauri Conglomerate 0.75
Sirian Socialist Republic 0.75
Shares apply separately to the Scout force and the whole JAC force. i.e. A polity that has to supply 2 shares, will supply 2 shares of the scout force and 2 shares of the JAC force.

Appendix C

CHIF Q0 (Adm Hojo MSN)
Q5DF Q5 (Adm Lugaburruga VN)
Q6DF Q6 (Adm Boum Trommel GFAN)
Q7DF Q7 (Adm Farley RWN, replaced 3224 by Admiral Would GFAN)

Appendix D

Supreme HQ Mald Democratic Foundation
Q0 Solar Republic
Q1 Republic of New Venus
Q2-Q4 Solar Republic
Q5-Q7 Mald Democratic Foundation
Q8 Union of Xyon

Appendix E - (3203 only)

The Q0 limit on capital ships withheld by polities is raised to 300cf for the year 3203, after which the limit will revert to 150cf unless otherwise agreed by a Summit. The 50cf limit on capital ships held back from the JACs in the Outer Quadrants remains unchanged.


The signatories are:

Alphonse Potato - President
(Greater Federation of Asteel)

Dan Tassic - Prime Minister
(Union of Xyon)

Lee Zhang - First Minister
(Earth Empire)

Lord Michael Young KCB DTE,
Marquess of New London,
SSR Hero First Class
Prime Minister,
Wolf 359 Commonwealth,on behalf of His Majesty King Stabilo II
(Wolf 359 Commonwealth)

Senator Hands - Foreign Affairs
(Mars Association of Free Colonies)

President Heinlein - President,
(Republic of New Venus)

Chief Executive Virgil Atlantic
(Centauri Conglomerate)

Colonel Tim Smith
(Sirian Socialist Republic Representative)

Sifu Harding
(Mald Foundation Representative)