The Treaty of Old London, 3200

The treaty was agreed after months of preparatory work at a special interstellar summit held in Old London, Earth on 3200.025. Every major polity was represented. It was substantially revised and superceded by the Treaty of Old London 2, signed in 3203.

Executive Summary

> Centralised intelligence agency created in Q0, known as the Supreme Intelligence Agency. This is to coordinate all information gathered on the capabilities, technology and origins of the Exterminator threat. This is to be located at Kumarajiva.
The agency is to be entirely funded by Mald.
Mald also to fund current joint intel projects in Q5,6,7 which will all feed intelligence up to new agency.

>Central command for human fleets created - Supreme Humanity Command. Martian admiral to head it, assisted by a war council of the other 7 military powers. Supreme Commander is to have responsibility for supervising allied fleets in all 9 quadrants.
Present command arrangements in Q5,6,7 to continue where practical. Mald to fund joint HQ.

>All powers to allocate all interstellar capital ships to joint allied command, but are allowed to withhold 50 combat strength of capital ships in each quadrant and 150 points in Q0.
Non-capital ships to be allocated to the alliance force on voluntary basis.

>Earth Deputy to supreme commander: Admiral Burwasher to ready 'Future Strike Force' for deep offensive operations against Exterminator bases.

>Joint command to be overseen by a Grand Strategic Council of Humanity, which will meet on Sol. Representatives from all powers to attend continuously for oversight, but executive power to remain in the hands of annual ministerial-level (or higher) meetings. Date of next full meeting - 3201.040

>Next meeting to discuss suspension of territorial claims and territorial expansion and economic cooperation.