Treaty of M'Drid

Summary :

To the public perception the planetary body M'Drid III (Q7) was rendered uninhabitable by an ecological disaster. A high level inter-polity conference was held in camera and the world was listed as off limits to colonists by an interstellar treaty ratified by all polities, the Treaty of M'Drid. The exact nature of this ecological disaster was never made public but was speculated in the popular press as a genetic experiment gone wrong. The star system named M'Drid no longer appears on any star maps and its exact location is a governmental secret known only to the highest officials in each polity.

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M'Drid star system, Grid 622080.

In fact the disaster was perpetrated by what was believed to be the local fauna, very dangerous, vicious and fast breeding raptor like creatures that devastated the colonial population when nests of these creatures were disturbed. Subsequent action by Ground Forces could not overcome the creatures and it was decided that it would be better to evacuate the planet and quarantine it until a permanent answer to this problem could be found. Xenobiologists insisted that the local fauna could not be exterminated merely to allow a planetary body to be colonised by Humans, particularly as there were a wealth of other systems with no viable Human colony yet established. This situation has not changed in the intervening years. It is assumed that as these creatures are now roaming the surface of the planet they are likely to have devastated the other fauna and may now be in a state of equilibrium in terms of population growth.

Venerian note - Since the information gleaned from the MajorDomo unit found on Woods Asteroid has been analysed a reappraisal of the fauna on M'Drid III has been undertaken and it is now believed that these creatures are from the Forerunner set of genesplices. To be exact genesplices 8 and/or 9, although
genesplice 13 cannot be categorically ruled out as the descriptions and data are now very old and no recent expeditions have been made to the surface.

Main aspects of the Treaty

Quarantine of M'Drid

The planetary body M'Drid III is in a state of quarantine and no civilians are allowed to enter the M'Drid star system. It therefore follows that colonisation of M'Drid III is forbidden.

Orbital observation station to be set-up

To ensure that point 1 is observed a permanent, multi-polity orbital observation station has been set up as a neutral base to ensure that M'Drid III is never visited again. Suitable jointly funded and manned military interstellar vessels are maintained in the M'Drid system to enforce the quarantine.

Conference facilities

Being a high security neutral base the M'Drid station will be a venue for major inter-polity conferences where no other suitable venue can be agreed.

Solutions to M'Drid situation

At a future date when a suitable resolution to the ecological disaster can be found a conference will be convened at the M'Drid station to determine how this will be implemented, and to apportion costs and resources to the project. Subsequent to the resolution of the ecological disaster, and the planetary body
being declared clear of risks, then it will be opened up for colonisation.


Greater Federation of Asteel
Earth Empire
Mars Association of Free Colonies
Sirius Socialist Republic
Union of Xyon
Centauri Conglomerate
Republic of New Venus
Wolf 359 Commonwealth