Colonial world in Q1

Data as at 3212

It is currently a VP colony, having dropped last year from PC.

Toltec has two colonial groupings on it :

Toltec Colonial Sanctuary

Run by a 'Colonial Assembly', it has limited democracy, in that only colonists who have resided here for at least 5 years can vote. Main investor in setting this up was Sanctuary Clinics.
Mainly Universal Church. Colonists are originally from Venerian worlds mostly.
Chair of the Colonial Assembly is Father Madueke

Toltec Knowledge Institute

This colony is run by a 'Science Commission', only those qualified to contribute are allowed to become involved in decision making.
The colonists come from a variety of places, but mainly Sirian and Esteeler worlds.
Main investor (of three) was Nutrivend Corporation. Multi-faith, 6 major religions represented, with Hindus being in the majority
The Head of the Science Commission is Professor Cal Santander