Time Travel

There is no working technology that permits time travel.

However, there is a theoretical system based on creating a fold in the geometry of spacetime in higher dimensions, making two volumes of (our) 4-dimensional space-time coincident with one another, forming what is known, in theory, as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, which would create a sort of 'doorway' into another location in space-time.

Such a 'time bridge' would, it is postulated, require a range of exotic materials, such as unimaginably large amounts of Elerium 115, as well as a near Moriarti-class Artificial Intelligence AI to manage the algorithms needed to modulate the moving superconductor rings millions of times per second. The construction of such an AI would of course be a breach of the Stickney Treaty.

Needless to say, vast efforts were made by various governments and non-governmental organisations from the 2750s onwards. All attempts then and since have proved to be time-consuming (no pun intended) and expensive failures, and the project is widely thought to be impossible.

There remain crank groups of consipracy theorists, such as the 'Time Bandits' group who insist that time travel is indeed possible, and that the Forerunners were in fact evolved humans from the unimaginably distant future. No serious scientist gives these ideas any credence at all.

In the mid 3200s, the Esteeler scientist, Professor Telferscott allegedly developed a working time travel device, but his plans for it were destroyed in a lab accident. Despite several attempts t has not so far proved possible to replicate his work.

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