Colony World in Quadrant 1

Current economic status : Below Average (BA) as at 3214

Government: The colony is divided into two main colonial factions. The pro-Venerian Blue Hat Colony under President Lovelock Ravetsky and the 'Independence First Alliance' a mixed collective of smaller colonial groupings under no particular political head. The Independence First Alliance Military
High Commander is General Davaa, a retired Martian officer.

Recent History
There has been considerable fighting during 3212 and 3213 over the disputed Sigil Hills region. The Blue Hat Colony had nearly occupied all of the main continent when external intervention in the form of an interstellar task force from the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants brought an end to the fighting and restoration of agreed frontiers.

Founding: The colony was originally funded by CyberWeb Construction Incorporated, who still have considerable interest in the colony.

Religion: The colony is mainly (60%) atheist, with sizable Buddhist and Satanist minorities.


Blue Hat Colony

1st Orbital Shuttle Squadron
3 Transport Flyers
5 Armed Flyers
2 Air logistics bases

Ground Forces
1st Armoured Brigade
10th Mech Brigade
11th Mech Brigade
24th Infantry Brigade
25th Infantry Brigade
1st Militia Brigade
2nd Militia Birgade
PMC Company
3 Logistics Bases

Independent Freedom Alliance

2 Cargo Shuttle Sqns
5 Armed Flyers
2 Airbases

Ground Forces
5 x Infantry Brigades
1 Militia Brigade
2 Logistics Bases

1 Sea Combat Flotilla
1 Marine Company
1 Naval Base