The stardate system works on a 24-hour day (all ships use the 24-hour day clock - mainly because it is natural for humans, and also it makes setting duty rosters easier).

Local planetary time is used when planetside - so sometimes there is a 'space-lag' adjustment for travellers arriving on a planet with a different diurnal pattern.

The Standard Star Year is made up of 400 days. There are no months or weeks - (although some cultures still use the term month (meaning a period of 30 days) and week (meaning a period of 7 days) for ease of reference and because of traditional habits.

Again, local planetary days and years will vary, but anyone indulging in interstellar trade or politics will invariably use the StarDate calendar. Most interstellar organisations and governments use the 50-day Octant as a standard subdivision of the Star Year.

See also Universal Calendar