A rapidly hardening foam, deployed to block corridors in starships. A development of Riot Foam.

General Description

A development of the standard planetside police store RiotFoam™, modified by MFRE for marine operations. This is a dispenser of fast-hardening foam that fills a space up to 3” across with a temporary obstacle. The version of foam used is optimised for zero-G vacuum operations.


SpaceFoam Dispensers take one turn to deploy, and then are command activated.
The foam takes one turn to deploy and the barrier is fully effective by the end of the turn.
Foam dispensers are quite large, and can be marine portable with little effect on mobility. They comprise a full pallet load for logistic purposes.


SpaceFoam can be dissolved by a specific solvent, which can be deployed by a man-pack spray gun. It takes 2 turns to fully remove the obstacle by close range spraying.
The foam can be destroyed by SCA fire, APGW or demo charges, taking two hits to fully remove the obstacle. SpaceFoam has roughly the same vulnerability as a standard ship’s door.