Sirius - Venerian Understanding 3203

The Polities of the Sirian Socialist Republic and the Venerian Republic, being animated
by a common desire to preserve peace between human nations, have agreed
upon the following articles:

Article 1: Non-aggression

Both Polities will neither take nor support, directly or indirectly, any
military action directed against the assets or interests of the other.

Article 2: Military Co-operation

The General Staffs of the Militaries of both Polities shall facilitate the
exchange of staff officers, joint military exercises, and the creation of
combined communication protocols.

Article 3: Economic Co-operation

Both Polities agree to take measures to promote mutual trade and economic
growth between and within their polities.

Article 4: Anti-Piracy Co-operation

The SSR will contribute 3 SV total shared between the APICs in quadrants
0, 1, 2 & 8 in exchange for shared use of any information they hold.


Tim Smith
Sirian Socialist Republic Representative

Executive Brownov
Venerian Minister for External Affairs
Republic of New Venus

Sirius/New Venus 3203.300