Sirius Socialist Republic (SSR)

The Sirians are a minor nation formed of a group originally founded by all the unreconstructed socialists and communists of old Earth. Their political views have modified a little over the intervening centuries, adapting to the nature of interstellar trade and expansion, but they remain an independent grouping. Often they are politically paralysed by endemic political infighting - some have characterised it as a system of 'permanent restructuring'.

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Quadrant Governors

Q0 Dr Soon Yat Sen
Q1 Dmitri Gurkovsky
Q2 Ivan Domashev
Q4 Heza Niceboy (appointed 3217)
Q6 Ava Nuthergow
Q7 Dr Kent Clarke
Q8 Beatrice (Bee) Nystomee.

Key Personnel in Quadrant 0


Rachael Kapushinski President of the Republic & President of the Council of State
Gu-An San-Martin Minister of Defence
Carla Kaw-Ski Minister of Colonies
Rose Looburg Minister of Finance
Nathan Kinsky Minister of Foreign Affairs
Marcus Bakker Minister of Information
Estelle Sent-Simon Minister of the Economy
Bob Sokal Minister of Public Services
Firdaous Al Ahmadura Minister of Science & Cybernetics
Lon Timago Minister of Heritage and Culture
Missy Ferguson Minister of Agriculture
Wa Ching Yu Minister of Justice, Security & Internal Affairs
Frank Walsingham Intelligence Director
Dr Soon Yat Sen Quadrant 0 Governor


Admiral Diane Selwyn Navy Chief of Staff
Admiral Gudmundur Aegilson Navy Staff Home Fleets
Admiral Cammilla Rhodes Navy Staff Colonial Fleets
Admiral Adam Kesher CO 1st Workers Fleet
Admiral Betty Elms CO 2nd Workers Fleet
Admiral Preity Zinta CO 3rd Workers Fleet
Admiral Duma Ka Ndlovu CO 10th Fleet
Admiral Yi Sun-sin CO 19th Fleet
Admiral Hu Kan-se CO 1st Shock Fleet
Admiral Heinz Sieben-und-Funfzig CO 2nd Shock Fleet
Admiral Petr Magna CO 3rd Shock Fleet
Admiral Chiaki Kuriyama CO 70th Shock Fleet
Admiral Bob Suruncle CO 80th Shock Fleet
Admiral Greta Movon CO 81th Shock Fleet
Brigadier General Si Ha-Nook Commander Ground Forces, Petra
Brigadier General Festus Okonkwo Commander Ground Forces, Novo
Marshall Matters III Commander Ground Forces, Sirius

Key Personnel in Quadrant 7


Dr Kent Clarke Governor Quadrant 7
Ray Sondetra Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Arfur Ffoulkes-Aycke Minister for Economic Affairs
Lars Knee Minister for Internal Security
Mona Lauder Q7 Chief of Secret Service
Henrik Borgia Q0 Senior Social Advisor to Quadrant 7


Admiral Ali Gorickal (Killed in battle 3213) CO 4th Shock Fleet
Lt Col Israel Hands CO 90th AP Command (interim)
Admiral Aldo Ahlborn CO 4th Shock Fleet (interim)
Admiral Jean Jaures CO 7th Colonial Fleet
Admiral Benny Diktus Commander Colonial Planetary Defence Q7
Commodore Abdul Zakarov Commander, Starguard Q7
General Antwen Brandt Commander Ground Forces Q7