An orbital facility capable of manufacturing new warships (as well as repairing and conducting full refits on existing ships). For policy reasons, until recently, there have been no shipyards outside Quadrant 0.

Shipyards will normally only be built at worlds that are Rich Colonies (VR, RC) or better. This incurs the standard cost of 10SV. To build at poorer systems needs more resources - if the system is Average (AA. AC or BA) then the yard costs 15SV, if the system is Poor (PC or VP) then the yard costs 20SV.
Under no circumstances can a yard ever be built on Subsistence (SC), Just Settled (JS) or Unihabited (UI) systems.
Once a system reaches Rich its cost reverts to 10SV and does not alter again, even if the colony drops - unless it drops below Poor, whereaupon the yard becomes unsustainable and must be dismantled.
Construction of new ships requires spare shipbuilding capacity: much of the polity’s shipyard space is taken up with maintenance and refits or is not controlled by the government.
Without expending SV, each polity has a only one ‘free’ shipyard not already tied to maintaining the current fleet.
Most polities fund additional shipyards, at the rate shown in the SV table above. The additional yards allow for the ongoing maintenance of the new ships built.
For the purposes of shipyard capacity, the construction of an Independent Pacifier Squadron counts as a single ship, When working out the cost of shipbuilding, count the SV requirement for the ship from the moment it is laid down in the shipyard (not from the moment it is launched). This reflects
the construction costs, fresh crew training etc.