The Saturn Convention

An international convention on Non-combatant vessels

The following polities declare that it will be illegal for any polity engaged in hostilities to attack the following types of vessels.

  • Civilian Vessels except in self defence.

  • Vessels of polities or worlds not allied to the participants engaged in conflict.

  • Hospital vessels of all types.

  • Interstellar Survey vessels.

  • Recovery or salvage vessels.

  • Undefended enemy logistic vessels may be destroyed if the crew are given time to evacuate first.

To be designated as a hospital vessel, the ship must be unarmed and have its hull and external fittings painted white, and a green cross marked clearly on the main thruster pods and main hull sections.

Current Polities who have signed the treaty are :

  • Greater Federation of Asteel
  • Earth Empire
  • Mars Association of Free Colonies
  • Republic of New Venus
  • Mald Democratic Foundation
  • Sirian Socialist Republic
  • Union of Xyon
  • Centauri Conglomerate
  • Wolf 359 Commonwealth