Strategic Spaceship Arms Limitation Treaty

(Amended 3207 by unanimous vote)

Treaty Provisions:

The navies of the following polities will not exceed the following limits:
The Solar Republic: 17 shares (old 16)
Republic of New Venus: 16 shares (old 14)
Martian Association of Free Colonies (inc. the Martian Union): 15 shares (old 12)
Greater Federation of Asteel: 15 shares (old 12)

1.1. For section 1: 1 share = 95 CFs for all polities. An additional 10 CFs (old 5) per share may be kept as mothballed vessels.

1.2. Navies are taken to include all armed interstellar warships belonging to a polity, including those mothballed, but excluding any ships rated as 2 CF or less.
The IP fleet of a polity's Capital Homeworld system will not exceed 4 shares; The IP fleet of a polity's other Q0 systems will not exceed 2 shares per system.

2.1. For section 2: 1 share = 50 CFs for all polities.

2.2. The IP fleet of a system is taken to include all armed interplanetary warships belonging to a polity in that system, including those mothballed.

2.3.Pacifiers, surface based weapons and weapons not able to leave planetary orbit are excluded from the calculation of IP fleet numbers.

For all sections of the treaty the CF of any ship will be taken to be either their current actual armament or the standard armament for their ship type, whichever is the higher.

All signatory polities will publish a list of all vessels covered by sections 1 & 2 above after the treaty is ratified. This will form the initial calculation of the total CF of the polity. Vessels can only be removed from this list if verified to have been sold, given away, scrapped or otherwise destroyed by at least two other signatories. All new vessels will be added to the list at the point when they are completed or taken over (where they are acquired after completion by another polity or corporation).

Signatories will declare the location of all shipyards and must notify other signatories of all builds of new shipyards. A signatory may send a representative to any shipyard at any time, without notice, to establish what is being built and what has been built since the treaty was ratified.

Any polity exceeding the limits must reduce its complement of vessels within a period of 100 days by either scrapping, selling or donating to another polity sufficient vessels to bring the naval forces within the appropriate limit.

The Treaty shall remain in force for ten years after signing.

The value of the shares mentioned in Sections (1) & (2) and the duration in Section (7) may be renegotiated annually and may be changed by the unanimous agreement of all signatories.


Failure to abide by the above articles will be considered a breach of the Treaty and a breach of a polity's International Obligations under Treaty Practice. Breach of the Treaty by any one power frees all other powers from their obligations under the Treaty for the duration of said breach.

Seconded by: SR&E.

Ratified and Signed in Original by:

Senator Hands - Foreign Affairs
(Mars Association of Free Colonies)

Lee Zhang - First Minister
(Solar Republic & Empire)

Ambassador Muklee
(Republic of New Venus)

Alphonse Potato - President
(Greater Federation of Asteel)