Repair Yard

An orbital facility capable of repairing ships, and conducting routine refit and maintenance. Most polities have at least one repair yard (typically 2) in each quadrant.

Using Repair Yards

A repair yard can be used to arm merchant ships and to build additional pacifiers.
Building pacifiers is limited due to availability of pilots and weapons. No repair yard can build more than 16 pacs per year per yard (this allows for crew training etc). The repair yard is also used to repair damaged ships (obviously).
A repair yard cannot be used to build ships.


Ships can be scrapped at any time at any colony that is ‘Rich’ or better (they have the necessary economy and facilities to decommission a military ship), or at any system with a repair yard. It takes 30 days to decommission a ship in this way, during which time the full SV must continue to be paid.