Rackham-Von Schmidt Antarctic Foundation

The Rackham-Von Schmidt Antarctic Foundation is a well respected independent research and campaigning organisation that has been influential in maintaining the Antarctic region of Earth, Sol as an unspoilt conservation area for many centuries - managing to prevent many proposals to open up the interior to economic exploitation and uncontrolled tourism, and being the driving force behind strong Imperial conservation legislation (indeed the famous Imperial Conservation and Protection Act 3098 became the enabling legislation now used to support the Imperial Anthropological Institute's controversial regression colony policies).
It is said, jokingly, that "nobody goes to the Antarctic without RVSAF permission". The Institute even survived the antitechnological period of the 22nd centruy (old style).
Now with branches on a number of worlds (thanks to generous funding from respected charitable foundations) the RVSAF has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the field of conservation and ecological protection.