Wendel Tiberius Quivver

Governor, GFA Q5 - from late 3199

Appearance: Tall and well-built; habitually wears hud-glasses as an affectation.
Born: New Washington, Home Systems, 3141.
Early life: Extreme family wealth: Quivver Corporation is one of the largest privately-owned Quadrant Five businesses. Went to a major fee-paying school and top university on New Washington. Distinguished early career in business, eventually running subsidiary Quivver Optical Industries. Recently inherited family's own continent (Quivvania) on Marschi, Q5.

Political history Reform Party: noted as very corrupt, but protected by a powerful coterie of vested interests, patronage and lawyers. Once briefly campaigned against piracy and smuggling, but when bribed to shut up, did so. While outwardly motivated and politically active, actually doesn't care for anything except accumulation of personal wealth and power. Strongly anti-war between the polities, as this could mean he'd have to do some work for a change. In the Over Incident, when he unexpectedly assumed political control in Over as Alphie Potato was arrested, he acted as if completely innocent and unknowing; though prosecuted he was ultimately found not guilty. He has now assumed power in Q5 as successor to Alphie.

Family: Unmarried, no children. Reclusive. Lives alone except for large robot retinue in huge family mansion on Over when not in Governor's Palace.

Hobbies: Telescopy, Optics, Golf, Counting Money, Gardening (orchids).