Wolf359 Commonwealth Colonial Capital in Quadrant 7

3200-3213 Colonial Capital
3214-3215 Very Rich Colony


Prtoprnss was the first system in Q7 colonised by the Wolf359 Commonwealth in 3019. Conditions in the early days of the colonisation of the quadrant were tough and there was a very 'frontier spirit' in the region. For many year Prtoprnss became a hub for mercenaries, free traders and entrepreneurs. Many of the other polities in the quadrant repeatedly claimed that Prtoprnss was a haven for criminals and space pirates.
Of course there may have been something in this back then - and Prtoprnss celebrates its colourful past with the famous Pirate SpacePort Heritage Centre

Recent Past

Prtoprnss developed into a successful and wealthy system and remained so for many years. Unfortunately following a number of corruption scandals in 3213 the system has suffered an economic downturn which it is struggling to reverse.